The answer to all your drainage problems: LDN

LDN Drainage Services

Drain Unblocking

Fast and efficient drain unblocking, rodding and flushing service

Drain Lining and Replacement

Full drain relining and drain patching service

CCTV Surveys

CCTV cameras used to identify drain blockages and collapsed pipes

Inspection Chambers

Repair and resealing of manholes and covers


    article-04-drainageIf you have blocked, cracked or collapsed drains, unwelcome smells or gurgling noises coming from the waste inlets or toilet, it’s time to call LDN Services 24/7.

    The exact cause of a drain blockage may not be immediately clear but the consequences and adverse affect on health could be dramatic.

    LDN Services 24/7 employ specialists who are initially able to accurately inspect and diagnose the cause of blocked drains and pipework.


    Our CCTV survey technology enables us to find the source of the problem. Once we have pinpointed the cause and position of the blockage we then use high pressure water jetting equipment which enables us to unblock any drain, gutter, gully, bath sink or toilet. This can drastically reduce damage caused by an overflowing drain or toilet.

    Our drain unblocking equipment allows us to pinpoint the cause of your blocked drain which will allow us to properly solve your problem.

  • Coverage Area

    Our engineers cover most of the south east of England, including London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Essex. Our fast call out times usually enable us to have basic problems solved within 90 minutes. More complex repairs requiring the ordering of parts will naturally take longer.